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What Would Be A Good Classroom Management Strategy For A Substitute Teacher?

I have been a substitute teacher for nearly a year in a number of different public schools in the New York area. At first, I really struggled with maintaining order in the classroom but have since improved, except in one school that I sub regularly at.

The typical class in this school includes a group of loud, screaming kids who never listen to anything I say and automatically assume that they have a free period because they have a substitute. These kids usually sit in the back and play games and distract those who are on task.

Sometimes, the regular teacher never leaves an assignment and when one is left, the instructions left are either too vague or I am not provided with the right materials to properly execute the lesson plan. Once, I was asked to have the students complete an activity on internet research but was not allowed to let the students use the laptops, even though the assignment was to be done on the computer and most of these kids do not have internet access at home.

Whenever situations like this occur I am forced to either improvise or come up with another activity that the kids already see it as a filler assignment and never complete.

I tried asking some of the staff members, such as the dean and the sub coordinator for advice and they advised me that I need to be more like the regular teachers and yell and intimidate the kids to behave

These same people regularly “leave me out to dry” when things start to get too out of hand. Instead they view my inability to discipline and control the class as an indication of my own lack of ability, even though this school is the only one I sub at where I seem to have this problem. It creates a situation where the students know they can do anything and get away with it because I am viewed as too soft and the staff will not do anything to support me.

What would be the best way to discipline these students?

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One Response to “What Would Be A Good Classroom Management Strategy For A Substitute Teacher?”

  1. Mr. X February 18, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    Sorry I can’t resolutely with with the lesson plan stuff, but I’m a kid and from my perspective I have to say something, subs get a reputation bigger than a regular teacher, because they are generally a treat (or just the opposite) make yourself a treat, be fun and talk with the kids, but yell at the ones who are misbehaving, I mean YELL scream at the snot nosed basterds. There is alleys gonna be that group of kids and if you develope your sub reputation as the one who you can walk all over, they will do just that. Also, don’t do group punishment, I don’t care who told you it worked its the stupidest idea ever and it will make all of the other kids hate you.
    Sorry I’m not much help, but The subs who let kids walk all over them make a class where nothing gets done and everyone fails the quiz the next day

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