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what will be the marketing stratigies of a copmany in feild of mobile conection?

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One Response to “what will be the marketing stratigies of a copmany in feild of mobile conection?”

  1. Rahul B May 29, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

    Primarily mobile companies adopt these two startegies.

    1. To increase subscriber base (More users, more Money)
    This strategy believes that the best way to grow revenues is to keep adding new subscribers by lowering usage costs.
    the key feature of such a strategy is to bring more and more people in by continuously lowering cost of entry and usage. This is the kind of strategy that is followed in countries like India , where the networks keep adding more people and call rates are the lowest in the world.

    2. To grow Usage (Same Users, More usage)
    This strategy pays more attention to existing customers and believes in increasing revenue from each user by offering more value added services and bundling services. The usual method is to offer an additional service free or at an ‘invitation’ rate in the and then increase prices after a period. These companies work on growing Average Revenues Per Users(ARPU). This is the scenario in mature markets which are not seeing significant growth in subscriber base. This is sustainable only in markets that are monopolistic or have only 2 players.

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