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Why Video Marketing?

If you have something to sell on the internet chances are you’ve noticed that the latest thing is video. Everyone wants to market through video, but is it just a fad? Video production can be expensive. Does the hype about video marketing justify the cost? Should you get into video marketing? A simple video like the one that I am utilizing above, can be very effective tools, and used in many different ways. Read on and find out.

There’s no doubt that video is the latest trend in internet marketing, but is it just a fad, or is there a good reason to use video marketing instead of traditional words and pictures? There’s no question that traditional web pages, email newsletters and internet based articles are faster to create than video, so why is it that so many companies seem to be jumping on the video bandwagon?

One of the disadvantages of selling on the internet is that it is impersonal. Despite the best efforts of web masters world over, it is difficult to imbue a web site with a distinct character. For years marketers have told us to add newsy ‘about us’ pages and put up pictures of those involved to help customers put a face to the brand, all in the name of making the buying experience less impersonal. This is a particular problem for luxury brands.

In brick and mortar stores thick carpet, well dressed sales assistants and expensive fitments, together with upmarket packaging add to the whole sales experience. On the internet it is difficult for a website to convey the same sense of quality and exclusivity. Video, featuring products in use in suitable settings, appropriate music and perhaps a voice-over can help to solve that problem, giving the site not just a face, but a personality.

Video is also a great way to impart a lot of information in a short time, or it appears to be. Research shows that given an option, web site visitors would rather click a video link to learn about a product than read a page of information, even though it actually takes longer to listen to the video. At first glance this may seem strange, but psychologists have shown that over 65% of the population are visual learners who prefer to learn by watching. They click the video link because video is the best way for them to obtain and retain information.

But the real reason why everyone is rushing to join the video revolution is that it works. In a survey by the online publishers association (OPA) figures showed that 70% of internet users were familiar with video ads, but more importantly that of that 70%, 52% (that’s more than half) took further action after seeing the ad and 16% actually bought something.

All of this adds up to one thought. There’s a lot talked about marketing, and marketing on the internet especially, but talk is cheap. The bottom line for any company is sales, and how effective the marketing medium is. With figures like those quoted above, video is way ahead of other, more traditional marketing methods. The question you should be asking yourself is not whether you should use video marketing, but when, and how.

The production of marketing videos is not as difficult as you think, there’s no need to go to expensive production companies, you can make your own marketing videos using tools you already have. To learn more about how to make your own marketing videos and how to use them as part of your  marketing mix, check out the information on this site and contact the team at ; “Total Business & Marketing Solutions”


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