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Why You Need Visitors to Your Site

Who doesn’t want to have more visitors to their website? This is the goal for most people who run a site. More people visiting usually results in higher sales, lead generation and money earned through ad clicks, so it’s a very important part of working online. But remember just because you’ve built it……….it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will come! Here are some tips and ideas for every website owner to use.

Content is key when trying to increase visitors to a website. If the website is no good or too spammy, no one will link to it and there won’t be any repeat visitors either. Since it is easier to keep a reader once they’ve found the site than continuously find new ones, it’s a good idea to make sure that the content is of top quality. This will attract visitors naturally, though it tends to be a slower way to do things. Start out right however, and the other methods will work better.

Articles and marketing go together very well. Articles can be written using keywords and then submitted to article directories. These are hundreds of directories and they all provide a nice backlink or two. By submitting several articles each week, all carefully optimized with relevant keywords, it’s possible to really get quite a bit of traffic.

PPC or pay per click advertising can be very useful. However, it’s best to study up on this form of traffic building since it can become a waste of money otherwise. There are so many options and most people don’t really know how to make it work. They choose high cost words and fail to set limits on the daily spending amount. It is important to pay attention and learn from previous campaigns, as well.

There are many websites that sell advertising. The more visitors they have, the better, but also the more expensive it will be to advertise there. It’s best to start off with just one small ad to see how it works. Later, if there is substantial traffic coming in from that ad, then you can start to expand the system. It’s important to always get a good return on your investment.

Setting up a blog that is updated on a regular basis is also very important. This helps increase the amount of traffic that comes from the search engines. It also gives other people multiple pages to link back to. And there is no reason to stick to one blog . . . Many people have great success by offering to write guest posts for other blogs in their niche. This gives added exposure and means even more traffic. Blogs are an excellent way to boost traffic and they can be set up as part of the website or as a separate site.

Video content posted to “video sharing” sites is also a very effective way of driving additional traffic to your site, as is posting to the social media sites, and social bookmarking services.

Keep in mind that one of the most valuable ways to get a better ranking in the search engines is through backlinks. These are vital if you want to succeed. Article marketing, guest blogging,video marketing etc. Are several ways to build up links.

While it does take time to build up plenty of quality traffic to a site, these traffic building tips and methods will all work to start boosting the number of visitors quite rapidly. Combine them for best results.

On the RESOURCES page, you will find a number of our additional services, where you can purchase a number of “ad-hoc” items that will assist you in fast tracking the amount of traffic to your site, which ultimately will have major impact on your search engine positioning. These are all services that we build into our packages and offer to our clients on either a “one off basis” or as part of an ongoing monthly program.


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