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San Diego State University’s party reputation?

I want to major in Hospitality/tourism management and being from So. California, I’m strongly considering SDSU because the program seems pretty good, it’s close to home, inexpensive, and a great city.

The one thing that’s making me iffy is their party reputation. Not that I’m a party pooper, but I want to take my studies seriously and I’m afraid the party environment will be a distraction :/

Anyone with advice??

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One Response to “San Diego State University’s party reputation?”

  1. tototee999 March 16, 2014 at 2:41 pm #

    I know where you are coming from. I am finishing up my final year and i can tell you that the reputation of SDSU being a party school has died down a little since I began my studies 2 years ago.

    First off, I am in the school of business-finance. Hospitality/tourism management is part of the BA program which is one of the top business schools of all the CSU’s.

    There are many smart people that attend this school that also enjoy partying. There are also a lot of those who just enjoy partying, many of them still in lower division studies. Once you get passed lower division the classes get much tougher and the party people from what I’ve seen settle down.

    No doubt about it, the school is big on partying. If you are worried about parties ruining your study time I would recommend staying away from living in the dorms. Also, there is a huge library with plenty of room to do your studying and there are plenty of clubs and societies you can join which will help network and meet people that share common interests.

    Just be aware that any school that you attend are going to have some slackers and party goers, don’t let the reputation of a school throw you off; Devotion to your studies will be the critical factor in whether or not you succeed.

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