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Please help – someone has slandered my name on internet – I am devastated!?

I have been on one of the popular dating sites for about two months. I was receiving a lot of attention and was happy about that since I would love to find a romantic partner. Recently, out of the sudden, I stopped receiving any, absolutely any emails or requests for communication. At first I didn’t pay attention, but then, I started to be more suspicious. Oh God – when I googled my name I found that someone has used one of my photos form this site and posted it on!!!
I am devastated! Not only I have no idea who and WHY(???) (because I didn’t want to go out on a date???) I have ABSOLUTELY no explanation for this hideousus action. Who ever now will search my name gets to see I am on jerk!
The funniest thing is that all my friend tell me I am too nice.
I feel so bad I don’t know what to do.. I wish I couldisappearar form this Earth,

Any thoughts? Any ideas? Can someone please help me?


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One Response to “Please help – someone has slandered my name on internet – I am devastated!?”

  1. Jake June 4, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

    Your not the first:!msg/websearch/X-7bBWnx5WE/169tnIm_vFkJ

    Although the site is down, cache dates are over a week old, I could find their terms where they say even the poster of information can’t remove it. Then there is a Remove page that states in part:

    “Just because you have a profile on Jerk does not mean you are a jerk. Less than 5% of the millions of people on Jerk are jerks. Jerk is where you find out if someone is a jerk, is not a jerk, or is a saint in the eyes of others.
    Premium support is available for people who require a higher level of service than is provided for free.
    You can however use Jerk to manage your reputation and resolve disputes with people who you are in conflict with. There are also additional paid premium features that are available

    Pay to be removed?

    The site is registered through a proxy service, I understand some charge the site operator for any messages sent through the proxy. get site proxy registration info here:

    Typically if there is material slander or fraud you may have legal recourse, just the photo may not be grounds enough, they must be insulated from the countless unhappy people.

    There are reputation management services with crisis negotiators, lawyers and web programmers that try to contact the site webmaster, hosting service or domain name registrar about getting a reference removed, if that fails their web guys create new and promote good existing material to force the bad stuff off page 1 of the search results.

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