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Marketing, media and public relations are moving and changing literally, as we speak. There are those who choose to hide in the sand and ignore the change, and there are those who choose to embrace change and capitalize on it. We are part of the latter group.

The information below will focus on the solutions that “Total Business & Marketing Solutions” can deliver in order to meet the specific goals that will be determined prior to any working contract.


It is the aim of  “TBMS” to work  to help achieve the Client’s goals. In order to do this, a number of marketing techniques and strategies will be utilized to obtain the best results as quickly as possible. Among these will be:

Phase I: Strategy and Creation

In order to best attract new clients, “TBMS” will be able  to utilize some or all of the following marketing tools:

1.Develop Monthly Newsletter

Produce a monthly, 4-page black and white newsletter. We ask our Clients to provide an article of approximately 200-300 words for the front cover each month, but “TBMS” will handle the remainder of newsletter including all other articles, editing, printing and distribution.

2.Create Direct Mail Campaign

A. Postcard

“TBMS” will be responsible for the complete design of a postcard sequence. All copy can be handled by “TBMS”. Postcards will be integrated into a sequence of sales letters to achieve targeted client objective.

B. Sales Letter

Direct response letters will be developed and written as part of the postcard campaign. All copy can be provided, edited and printed by “TBMS”. Sales letters will be part of an ongoing campaign to achieve targeted goals.

We recommend that an initial campaign of three postcards and two sales letters be implemented. Each piece would be timed to go out and hit the target client 10 days after the first or previous piece.


3.Develop Testimonials

We ask our Clients to provide any existing testimonials. “TBMS” will design a contest for additional compelling testimonials with a story and “before/after” endorsements. Video and audio testimonials should also be part of the mix.

4.Develop Advertising

Additional advertising with classified advertisements in appropriate magazines, journals or trade publications will help drive inquiries to a lead generation source. These will be developed in conjunction with the campaign.

5.Institute 800 – 866 Numbers

We would include part of a part of a lead generator tool for the drip marketing campaign – auto sequences. We would include five toll free numbers and 200 minutes of call time. Thereafter, calls are charged on a per minute basis.

6.Create a “Drip” Campaign of Auto Email Sequences

Drip campaign through ‘auto sequencer’ emails. All leads generated through postcards, direct mail, copy and classified advertisements in publications and  newsletter will receive a series of follow-up emails, which we’ll write and distribute on your behalf.

7.Develop High-Profit Client Segmentation

“TBMS” will analyze our Client’s complete business operation. We will design profitable, multi-step marketing campaigns for each primary business segment to maximize profits within each key area of your total business.

8. Develop Client Referral Programs

“TBMS” will establish on-going referral programs to ensure increased sales and client retention.

9. Develop Strategic PR Opportunities

“TBMS” can write all future public relations/press releases for our Clients. Future promotions will include all segments of the business determined by “TBMS” to provide potential for increased sales and revenue opportunities.

10. Develop Inbound/Outbound Tele-Scripts

“TBMS” can provide complete inbound/outbound tele-scripts for employees designed to maximize sales productivity and customer retention.


Phase II – Production

“TBMS” can design, edit and produce all marketing pieces for all of the marketing campaigns.


Phase III – Delivery & Logistics

“Done-For-You” – All marketing and copy will be handled by “TBMS”. Client will provide input and limited copy (200-300 words) for newsletter on a monthly basis.

“TBMS” will ensure that all target dates for pieces to be delivered are met.


Phase IV – Test & Monitor

All marketing pieces will have tracking devices included on them. This enables “TBMS” to test and monitor the results of each piece and each campaign.


Phase V – Results Rule – Guaranteed

Results rule period. All campaigns and pieces will be individually monitored and any piece that is found not to be delivering acceptable results will be replaced free of charge. This is our unconditional guarantee to you.

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