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Is it possible to work in marketing and have a balanced life?

I’m finally discovering and engaging with my passions in life, and none of them pay.

However, I’ve been broke for ages and am tired of being poor.

I’ve got an opportunity to nab an entry-level job in marketing – which is fine, as I’m moving from another field. I imagine it would be challenging, and make use of my creative, intuitive, and logical skills.

But can you go home and forget it? Can you work part-time, at any stage? Would I expect 60-hour weeks???
My thing is this: I tend to throw myself into work projects. I’m a dogged perfectionist, respond to praise and incentives, and – unless I’m working for obvious evildoers – tend to be a loyal employee. I think some of this has had to do with a lack of a sense of purpose elsewhere in my life, or clarity around my artistic leanings and vision. (Which is probably the case for most who are like me.)

I’m worried that I’ll do the same in this new job, and lose the pleasure and self-mastery I’m enjoying in my avocations, for the first time in my life. One of which, frankly, I’d make my vocation, in a different economic climate.

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One Response to “Is it possible to work in marketing and have a balanced life?”

  1. Pat March 18, 2014 at 3:59 pm #

    Marketing can be a great and lucrative career; it will give you the balanced life you want.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “entry-level” marketing positions because entry-level in marketing can range very broadly. For example, if you got a marketing assistant position, it’s not technically a marketing job and all you’d do is execute tasks and perform maintenance duties for someone else. These jobs would pay 15K-45K. It’d be rough.

    Entry level can also mean marketing analyst positions, which are tactical positions but you’d be driving initiatives through and contributing to the value of the marketing function. These would pay between 40K-70K. Other entry-level positions in marketing include marketing specialists and assistant marketing managers; depending on how good you are, you can make between 55K-85K.

    All of these opportunities would give you a full-time gig and then some. It wouldn’t be unusual to work 50 hours a week in most cases. 60 hours a week may be a stretch, but if you have any friends in consulting, finance, investment banking, private equity, etc., they would think that 60 hours a week is nothing.

    There are part-time opportunities in marketing such as marketing consultants who work independently. However, before you acquire sufficient experience and acumen, you won’t be able to take this option.

    To answer your question, yes it’s possible to go home and forget it. However, if you want to make something of your career, it’s never going to be a “leave it all at the office” type of thing. You’ve got to care about your work if you want to do well, simple as that.

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