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How to become part of celebrity management?

hi, i want to become a part of Korean celebrity management. what do i need to do in order to become that? like…idk where to start! :(

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One Response to “How to become part of celebrity management?”

  1. Matthew Nelson November 4, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Five Steps to Become a Celebrity Manager

    Step 1: Complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program

    A bachelor’s degree is often necessary to obtain a job at a talent or sports management company or agency. Celebrity management requires strength in communications, business and finance. The emphasis of the 4-year degree can be just about anything including arts management, public relations, business administration, accounting, literature or film. It may be helpful to select a university or college in a major entertainment or sports market such as Los Angeles, New York or Miami, where there are more opportunities to make contacts and work in the field.

    Step 2: Network and Develop Contacts

    While in school, it is a good idea to seek internships with entertainment companies, talent agencies, public relations firms or any related businesses. Although these positions may involve more perfunctory administrative duties, they are important places to meet people who work in the industry and make contacts. Professionalism is vital at all times. Interns should always show up on time, perform every task requested and be personable. If invited, they should attend events and parties where they can take business cards and start building a reputation as a talented, likable and hardworking individual.

    Step 3: Gain Work Experience

    Competition for jobs in the entertainment industry is ferocious. Entry-level jobs with related agencies or firms are places to start. Positions may include mailroom clerk, receptionist, assistant or account coordinator. These employees sort mail and files, schedule meetings, answer phones, create spreadsheets and execute any other function to aid managers.

    Working for an independent celebrity manager can provide a great opportunity to get more in-depth experience, learn more job functions and have more personal interaction with celebrities. An assistant to an independent celebrity manager may gain additional access to essential job functions such as contract negotiations.

    Step 4: Take Some Risks

    After gaining a year or two of experience, up-and-coming celebrity managers should seek promotions and elevated responsibilities. Professionals must work the long hours usually required in these jobs with competence and enthusiasm. Personality is a huge part of this industry, so celebrity managers must be at once aggressive and likeable. They have to cater to their clients, yet be tough enough to ensure new opportunities and collect fees.

    Professionals must also stay aware of the entertainment industry and trends: if seeking to manage athletes, learn all about their sport; read entertainment trade magazines; find out what books are being adapted into movies. They should also explore opportunities to step up to more managerial positions: if working for an independent celebrity manager, make positive suggestions to the boss; develop branding plans to elevate a celebrity’s status; be confident but not arrogant; take initiative.

    Step 5: Weigh Options and Opportunities

    Although the mean annual wage for agents and business managers of artists, performers and athletes was $87,430 in 2009, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 20% growth in the profession from 2008-2018, these positions are difficult to obtain due to intense competition ( ). After building experience, contacts and competence, individuals should consider all available options. For example, managing literary stars at a major agency may be the right decision for some. But those who have made solid connections with a few prominent pop stars may wish to represent them independently and help cultivate their personal brands. Celebrity managers must be enterprising and savvy enough to seek the appropriate niches to best utilize their talents.

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