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How is CUNY Baruch’s reputation in California?

Hi, I’m currently a freshman at CUNY Baruch in NYC. In NYC, Baruch is well recognized as a business school. Although it does not compare to NYU Stern or the other IVY-leagues, there are many employers such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Big 4, etc. that hire Baruch grads. However, I plan to relocate to California after graduation for lifestyle reasons.

I know that CUNYs aren’t really recognized in out-of-state areas– which is why I am asking these questions. Right now, I have a 4.0 average, and I intend to maintain a solid GPA — if not, maybe a 3.7-3.9. Additionally, I intend to secure internships throughout all my four years in college–leading up to what I am hoping (fingers crossed) to have a full-time placement with a reputable company.
So far, I have done an internship with Deloitte (Right out of high school). And I hope to do more internships with different companies throughout the rest of my college career in the field of Finance, Marketing or Consulting. There are programs within CUNY Baruch that offer consulting internships-which I am already starting to look into. I just had a couple of concerns:

1.) How will obtaining an undergraduate degree from CUNY Baruch be perceived in the eyes of an employer in California?
2.) How are my chances of admission to a prestigious Business-graduate school in California? Does the prestige of an undergraduate business school matter substantially? (ex. UC Berkley, USC, UCLA)
3.) Although I am pursing a Finance major, I hope that at some point of my career, I will become a consultant (I’m hoping Management or something similar). I know that consulting is an extremely difficult field of expertise to be considered in and that the prestige of where your degree came from is highly regarded. However, under my qualifications with GPA and internships, what are my chances in being selected for a consulting interview. What can I do to start preparing aside from networking, internships and etc?

I’m just trying to get my future together in NY before I move to California and realize that I should have thought about strategic planning. Thanks! :)

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2 Responses to “How is CUNY Baruch’s reputation in California?”

  1. Tom January 7, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    1) If it is Accounting it won’t make much difference, but California like almost every state now requires 150 semester units to sit the CPA exam. The degree does not have to be in Accounting in any state.
    2) Top tier Business Schools do not favor applicants with undergraduate Business degrees, actually are somewhat biased against undergrad Business majors, seen as too narrow of a focus and instead of an MBA complementing the undergrad degree, as it would an Economics major, largely repeats it. This is why the only Ivy League with a pure undergrad Business major is Penn and the undergrad degree at Wharton predates the MBA. Cornell has a Business Econ and Management major offered by the Agricultural College but that is it for the Ivy League–Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth. Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Northwestern, Columbia, Dartmouth, Yale all have top tier MBA programs but none offer an undergrad Business degree.
    3) Finance is not the best plan for an undergrad degree. Companies like Goldman Sachs do not hire undergrad Finance majors to the same types of positions as MBA’s and undergrad Finance majors will have a difficult time being admitted to top tier Business Schools from which they do hire. For an MBA in Finance, Econ, Applied Math or Math are better majors than Finance. For consulting, some type of Engineering degree might also be a good plan especially for someone who wants to work as a consultant in California, home of Silicon Valley and major defense contractors. It is helpful if a consultant can speak the language of his clients.
    Good Luck!

  2. Flower January 7, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    California does not even know CUNY has 4 year colleges and they have no idea that each one has a specialty like Baruch. I know because I graduated from Hunter and I live in California. You’re right CUNY has no reputation outside of New York. But SUNY has some reputation.

    1. Not impressive in California because they are not familiar with it. It is only a city college after all.
    2. If you pay out of state tuition you have a better chance to get in to a lesser known campus but UCLA and UC Berkeley are very hard to get in. USC is a private university in Los Angeles and easier to get in there.

    I am in San Francisco and suggest Golden Gate University for graduate business.

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