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how can i send sms on a mobile phone from yahoo messenger , international sms allsow?

i have tray 2 send sms from my yahoo is messenger ,but still not working ,can u have an idea ?international or national mobile phones..

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2 Responses to “how can i send sms on a mobile phone from yahoo messenger , international sms allsow?”

  1. MonTana Tiggs (Smokey) February 4, 2014 at 4:45 pm #

    From your desktop
    go to

    Follow these instructions to set up one-click access to Yahoo! Messenger on your phone.

    Register your mobile phone

    Go to Yahoo! Messenger and select the Messenger tab at the top.
    Select Sign in to Mobile Device.
    Follow the instructions to register your mobile device. (Note: your number will not be used for marketing purposes unless you’ve previously given us permission).
    A confirmation code will be sent, via text, to your mobile phone.
    Enter the 4-digit code, when prompted, on your PC.
    You have now registered your phone for Yahoo! Messenger.
    Sign in to Yahoo! Messenger via text messaging:

    Go to Yahoo! Messenger on your PC and click on the Messenger tab at the top.
    Select Sign in to (Mobile Device). Your mobile number should be automatically filled in
    Note: During registration, if you select the option for automatic sign in, you will ALWAYS be automatically signed into Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile when you log out of Yahoo! Messenger on your desktop.

    2 From your phone
    Text in [Yahoo! ID] [password] to 92466. Do not include quote marks, brackets or commas. For example, if your Yahoo! ID is chatsalot77 and your password is 123456, your text should read : in chatsalot77 123456. Leave a space between in, your Yahoo! ID and your password, as illustrated.
    You will receive a text message confirming that you are logged into Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile device.
    Once you are logged into Messenger on your phone, your Yahoo! Messenger contacts will see you as “available” with a note that says “I’m mobile.”

    Some tips for using Yahoo! Messenger via text messaging:

    To initiate an IM with a friend: Text to [Friend’s Yahoo! ID] [message] to 92466. For example, if your friend’s Yahoo! ID is Djben05 and your message is Hello, your text should read: to Djbeno5 Hello. Leave a space between to, your friend’s Yahoo! ID and your message.
    To reply to an IM from a friend: Reply directly to the SMS with your message.
    To receive information about Yahoo! Messenger via text messaging: Text help im to 92466
    To log out: Text out to 92466.

    Yahoo! Messenger via text messaging, or SMS, is currently available* in the following countries: Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, United States, and Vietnam. Service in these countries can only be accessed from the desktop.

    there is a couple sites that you can use alternatively that have aol and msn also

    Yahoo sms can be sent from here when registered

    in [Yahoo! ID] [password]
    Sign out out
    Send message to [Yahoo! ID] [message]
    to [friend code] [message]
    View online friends get
    View all friends get all
    View more of friend list more
    Add a friend add [Yahoo! ID]
    Delete a friend del [Yahoo! ID]
    Ignore a user ignore
    Receive help message help
    Invite a friend invite [Mobile #]
    (Friend’s mobile # must belong to the same carrier.)

    here is asite for free to any cell

  2. chiza February 4, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

    you can used to send free SMS in any network using any languages you wanted…

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