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duties of marketing director?

I am a management consultant appointed by a company to support steering group that has been set to over see an e-commerce website.the group consist of : marketing director-a representative of sales Administration staff-a technical supervisor from the IT Department

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One Response to “duties of marketing director?”

  1. wisdominknowledge March 30, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

    Marketing directors oversee a company’s marketing strategy. For the most part marketing directors concern themselves with market segments, which are large groups of consumers defined by income, ethnicity, age, or a number of other factors. Ultimately marketing directors want to know which market segments will buy their company’s products and how best to sell those products to their target market.

    The duties of a marketing director vary considerably from company to company. Some marketing directors limit themselves to analyzing the market potential and profitability of various products and to developing strategies to achieve the greatest number of sales of those products in the market. Other directors are responsible not only for analyzing markets and proposing strategies but also for implementing those strategies through market research, product development, advertising, and sales promotion programs. Still other marketing directors have sales managers reporting to them.

    Marketing directors use a variety of techniques to determine the potential market for a particular product. For example, the number of babies being born in a

    The duties of a marketing director vary considerably from company to company. Some analyze the market potential and profitability of products, whereas others implement sales strategies or are responsible for the overall sales and profit performance. Marketing directors determine the probability and the cost of gaining a certain share of the market. They develop strategies that will counter their competitors’ advertising approach and gain their company a larger share of the market at the expense of the competition. Marketing directors study sales figures closely to keep track of how their company’s products are selling.

    Sometimes marketing directors supervise market research. They use the research data to determine what customers do and do not like about certain products and what improvements and new products consumers want to see in stores. Marketing research may be done by outside research firms or by an inside staff. Regardless of who performs the research, it is usually up to the marketing director to make the final interpretations of the data. Based on what the research reveals, the director must recommend and implement a marketing strategy that is within the budget, resources, and capabilities of the company.

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