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Do you know a bit about color management?

I am getting serious about my photography and it appears it is time I get some color management software/hardware. The Spyder2 package was suggested to me. A few questions regarding that:

1-Is the Spyder2 a decent choice? What is ColorVision’s reputation?
2-Do I need color management software/hardware if I will be printing 99% of my shots through a pro lab and very few on my own printer?

Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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3 Responses to “Do you know a bit about color management?”

  1. Mark W April 25, 2014 at 2:33 pm #

    Spyder2 is great, I love it and it’s cheap.

    Yes, monitor color management is still essential. I’d recommend Miller’s Professional Imaging (MPIX is their consumer/small order division) for a pro lab to use. The quality is amazing and the price is great. Email them for current ICC profiles for their printer (you need to work on a profiled monitor then do convert to profile for the printer’s profile in Photoshop for best results)

    Costco also profiles all their minilabs – profiles posted at .

    Calibrating and profiling your monitor will be great, but both monitor and printer must be profiled for best results. And the profiles have to be used properly. has great directions.

  2. Dr. Sam April 25, 2014 at 2:40 pm #

    Be aware that some LCD monitors just won’t adjust correctly using the Spyder2, Huey or any other calibration device.

    If you have an LCD monitor, ask another question and specify the brand that you have. Maybe someone will know about it…

    There are some good answers to a very similar question just asked today in the Photography section and you should read the answers and monitor the question for a few days.;_ylt=AviV1UwrZl8YjakKsMpu8Dvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20071026140249AAfFg15&show=7#profile-info-93f512db5b4b4553776018ff73c869d0aa

    I have a link to a good article in my own answer to that question that you should check out.

  3. Captain Explorer April 25, 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    Yes, it is a good choice as are several others. They have a very good reputation.

    The issue of color management is more important today then ever. Every piece of imaging hardware and software “you” use to create the image, including Photoshop and your monitor, MUST be calibrated to a standard. Hopefully, your “pro lab” is also calibrated to the same standard. In the old analog days, the standard was called “Shirley.” The standard for all color was literally a print or transparency (slide) made decades ago of an employee at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York, named Shirley. All the colors and tones in the scene were calibrated, exposed, and processed to match the original live scene — including Shirley, and that became the standard for over fifty years. Now we live in a digital imaging world, but we still need a “Shirley.” Today’s standard is a lot more detailed and technologically more sophisticated then was “Shirley,” but, rest assured, we all still need a “Shirley.” It would do you a world of good to take a live workshop in color management, and I highly recommend looking on the Internet for D-65’s workshop calendar and cities, but only if you are serious.

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