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Do I have anger management problems ?

Ok, well everyone tells me I have anger management problems, so here are a couple things I do when Im mad, & the things that get me mad .

– When Im mad, I squeeze the closest person next to me, like a stress ball ! (My mom wont buy me a stress ball cuz she thinks it’s a waste of money . So looks like Ima be squeezing my lil sis for the time being]
– I throw things when Im mad
– If I get into a fight, I really attack hard . Like claws in there ksin til they bleed, pull hair realy hard, jump on them, or throw BIG things at them, like chairs, the laptop…lmao .
– If I know Im right, but people keep tellin me different, i will yell & scream til I get my point across & prove it .
– The LITTLEST things annoy the sh.t out of me . For example (biting nails in front of me, doing weird things with your mouth, making little noises, the way people chew/eat, if my room is messy, MUCH more .
– When someone tells me what to do, I start yelling at them
– I will go off on someone like 20 years older than me if they dont respect me . Idgaf what your age is .
– I will go off on you if you rush me !
– I cry when Im REALLY MAD . Which happens a lot .

Im not a rude person, just get angry…easily !
Actually, people love me .
Im just sayin, like I dont lie bout dumb things ! Cuz I do believe Ima need help to get my anger under control, but Im actually a really fun person & can be really nice . I just choos enot to be cuz thats when people start taking advantage of you, another thing that pisses me off .
Actaully, people get mad at me sometimes for being conceited ! I have all the confidence in the world .
& I mean I am spoiled, but I dont take it for granted .
My mom will take me on shoppinq sprees that cost like $500 & only my dad works .
& whenever we dont have enough money for all the kids, I dont buy a thing, I let my sisters buy things !
So iM not greedy or a spoiled brat .
& I do get a ton off attention actually . I dont like the attention though, honestly . Like I get a lot of bad attention but most of it is good, cuz liek I said Im confident with myself, i think im beautiful, inside & out, so that gives me good attention, but I just feel uncomfortable sometimes when the “spotlight” is on me .
& im not shy either, just outgoing .

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3 Responses to “Do I have anger management problems ?”

  1. Aiden Fisher April 1, 2014 at 2:17 pm #

    sound more like a spoiled brat to me.

  2. HGee April 1, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

    You are a rude person, at least to your sister and to people older than you. try using silly putty instead of a stress ball, it’s only $1 at wal-mart.

    Go to the library and check out the book “Relaxation Response” which will help you get this under control. I can’t imagine you are fun to be with, and I feel sorry for you. You are going to have a long unhappy life if you believe you are always right, yell at people, and allow (yes ALLOW) others to control you with their annoying behavior.

    If you are in school ask the guidance counselor for some help and let him/her know it’s a serious problem in your life. Things will get worse unless you do some work to make them better. You are on your way to a heart attack or stroke at worst, and certainly social isolation. I can’t imagine you have many friends.

  3. Ms CYPRAH April 1, 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    Yes, it does sound as if you have anger management problems. But you get angry easily because you have issues of self confidence and low esteem. It sounds as if you have been very spoilt too being allowed to throw valuable things around because you do not appreciate the value of neither people or things.

    When we are confident and think highly of ourselves, we do not have to treat others badly to make our point, or shout and scream at them to take notice. They will usually take notice because they WANT to, not because they have to: but because they think you have something worthwhile to say and they value you enough to listen.

    People who bully others into listening to them, or behaving as they expect, are telling a lot about how they see themselves. They have low regard for themselves so they feel everyone has to be punished for the way they feel.

    Why do the littlest things annoy you? Why don’t you allow people to be who they are? That’s because you DON’T like yourself as you are. You don’t like some of the things you do, so you project that self-loathing unto other people and constantly find fault with what they do to make yourself feel superior and better. But that only makes you come across as a nit picker and fault-finder. Not someone nice to be around.

    Only bullies and immature people throw things when they are mad, and are always fighting and screaming. Mature people use CONVERSATION and discussion to see the other person’s point of view, or to agree to differ. Mature people do not impose their views on others, or expect people to behave like clones. They respect individuality because they too are individuals who require respect.

    And speaking of respect. You said: “I will go off on someone like 20 years older than me if they dont respect me”.
    But respect is not something you can demand. Respect is given freely and then earned. You cannot have respect if you give none to others. And the way you behave would not engender any respect from anyone because you are not showing them any. It would only make people avoid you or loathe you.

    The main reason why you behave like that is because you are seeking constant attention and you’re not getting, it so you become abusive and bullying instead of finding out why you feel so frustrated with your life that you have to be constantly angry. There is deep frustration and hurt lurking in your emotional psyche and until you find out what it is you are unhappy with, instead of taking it out on others, you will not have too many friends. Worst of all, as you get older you will develop a bad reputation and will be avoided. It could also become very expensive for you if you throw other people’s things around.

    One way to start a different kind of behaviour is to stop criticising people and notice their good points instead; listen to them instead of just trying to force them to listen to you; be a FRIEND to others and they will want to be friends to you, to respect and affirm you. No one likes bullies and people who are constantly aggressive, so you are not doing yourself any favours. If you want to be respected, then begin the process of learning to give it too. Your anger appears to be connected to your sister and your feelings about her so stop taking it out on her. Stop behaving in this childish temper tantrums manner. Life will never be just how we want. We have to compromise with others in order to live. Yelling and screaming just show your low confidence and the low way you value yourself.

    ” Im not a rude person, just get angry…easily !”
    You are a very rude and selfish person because you seem to have no respect for others, or care about their feelings, only about yourself, and are mistreating your sister when you are angry.

    You cry when you’re really mad because you feel a sense of impotence and frustration, especially when your bullying behaviour isn’t working, or getting you the attention you seek. You don’t know what to do next and then the tears take over. You sound very intelligent. Is that the best you can do for your life?

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