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Can u help with uni business report? What is a marketing metric?

It confusing :/

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One Response to “Can u help with uni business report? What is a marketing metric?”

  1. Indiana Frenchman May 3, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

    Marketing Metrics Made Simple
    Ever been confused by the term marketing metrics? It covers gross rating points, media impressions, and many other established measurements – plus new kinds of measurements and software tools.

    Many fine web sites – run by consultants, agencies, professional organizations and software companies – deliver great detail about many individual metrics. That’s handy if you already know what you’re looking for. But in my experience as a consultant and public speaker, I’ve often met marketers who wanted to see the big picture first. Do you feel that way?

    If so, you’ll find this site useful. It’s an overview of measurement, including profitability (ROI) measurement. It’s for entrepreneurs and small business owners as well as people in marketing, advertising, and public relations in medium and large companies.

    Let me introduce myself. I’m Joe Roy, a marketing consultant with 43 years of experience. I’ve taught marketing metrics for 16 years. There’s more on the “About” page, but right now let’s get back to you.

    For the moment, you want context more than detail. You want to understand everything in perspective. You want to feel confident that you know what’s right for your marketing, advertising or public relations program. I will try to meet your needs, by talking about measurement in plain English and using simple math.

    Advertising Metrics
    Advertising Metrics: seven popular metrics used primarily in advertising, described and explained, with comments on strengths and weaknesses

    PR Metrics
    Four traditional PR Metrics and what they can and cannot do for you

    Measuring What They Thought
    Measuring What They Thought: what mental states did your communications stimulate in your target audience?

    Measuring What They Did
    Measuring What They Did: the actions your target audience took as a result of your communications

    Return on Investment
    A definition of Return on Investment (ROI) and how to calculate it

    Getting Started
    The first steps you should take when you're getting started with marketing metrics

    Metrics Primer for Small Business
    Marketing Metrics Primer covers the basics of the basics. How to get started.

    Mindtraps: Three Attitudes That Stop You From Measuring Your Marketing ROI

    Marketing Metrics List
    Marketing Metrics List: a combined list of all the marketing metrics and tools discussed on this site

    Barriers to Accuracy
    Here are four major Barriers to Accuracy, described in plain English, for you to keep in mind when using marketing metrics

    Measure ROI and Boost Your Career
    If you measure ROI, you can boost your career in three ways

    NOTE: each of the above has a ‘hot link” to further discussion detail.

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