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Blog Management

Maintenance is an important part of using blogs as part of an online business strategy. Keeping your WordPress application and third-party plugins regularly updated and your files and MySQL data regularly and securely backed up is vital for disaster prevention and peace of mind.

Total Business & Marketing Solutions offer professional WordPress blog management and maintenance for small to medium businesses and organizations.

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Regular Blog Maintenance Is A Vital And Necessary Aspect Of Blogging For Business


As one the most powerful content management systems available, WordPress is used by business owners all around the world to power millions of blogs. It is not surprising, therefore, that hackers and malicious users look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the software. To prevent this from happening, WordPress continuously upgrades its core application. This in turn requires users to continually update their WordPress blogs with the latest version of the software.

We are also able to offer our own hosting services  CLICK HERE for details at extra cost, dependent on type and content of blog.

The same also applies to all the WordPress plugins that give your blog powerful features and enhanced functionalities. If your blog is not regularly maintained and upgraded, therefore, it could become vulnerable to hackers or malicious attackers.

On top of all this, all of your blog data is stored in your server in a MySQL database. If, for any reason, this database becomes corrupted, you could end losing some or all of your valuable data.

A WordPress MySQL database stores all of your blog’s valuable data and needs to be regularly optimized and backed up.

sql database

Finally, all of your blog’s core files also need to be regularly backed up and stored in a secure location with your MySQL data, so that if anything happens, you can quickly restore your blog with all of its previous content and continue carrying on with business as usual.

All of your WordPress Blog files also need to be regularly backed up to avoid potential problems.

Backup wordpress


Hopefully, you can see now why performing regular site maintenance and file and data backups is vital to your business if you own a blog. Ignoring blog maintenance tasks could have disastrous consequences.

Why Use Our Blog Management Services

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your blog management to us:

1) We Free Up Your Time So You Can Focus On Other Important Areas Of Your Business

If you find that running your business is already demanding enough of your time and resources, then it only makes sense to outsource the management and maintenance of your blog to professionals.

Our rates are very affordable, we have expert knowledge of the WordPress blogging environment, we offer a complete personalised service and we proactively manage your blog just as if it was one of our own.

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2) We Keep Your Blog & Plugins Continuously Updated

WordPress and third-party plugin developers regularly issue new versions and updates of their software to provide security against new threats and new features to users. Keeping the core application and plugins in your WordPress blog frequently updated to their latest versions helps to protect your blog from becoming vulnerable to attacks by hackers and malicious users.

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3) We Provide Your Business With Peace Of Mind

Essentially, all of your blog’s content and important information is stored in a MySQL database. If anything happens to this data or to your blog files, you could permanently lose some or all of the information on your blog.

We not only backup all of your blog’s data on a regular basis (weekly or monthly depending on your needs), but we also back up all of your blog files too, then we upload everything to a secure storage location. This way, if anything should ever happen to your blog to cause loss of data or information, we can restore your blog and all of its content to the last backup performed.

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4) We Offer High Value Service And Expertise At Cost-Effective Rates

As a business owner, do you really want to spend valuable time messing around with technical stuff like editing HTML or code in PHP files, setting up FTP transfers or going through data in MySQL database tables? Or would you rather just get on with your business and let professional experts do what has to be done to keep your blog running at its optimal best?

Unless you are an expert in WordPress yourself, it’s probably safe to say that we can do the work required to keep your blog well managed and expertly maintained in a fraction of the time it would take you or your staff to do it, as well as identify and solve problems faster and perform all of the work for a fraction of what it would cost for you to do the job.

Our blog management services start from just $250 per month for most typical small to medium businesses. The work involved in performing the service can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours or more a month, depending on how frequently you need your data to be backed up, whether there are any additional requests (e.g. help with installing or configuring a new plugin), or if there are any urgent issues with your blog that need to be resolved immediately (e.g. screen or login errors).

We not only offer very affordable rates for our service, we can also help you identify problems before they occur, and advise you of ways to improve your blog’s performance and your business results online, and we generally do this for our clients as part of our regular service.

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5) We Speak In A Language That Business Owners Can Understand is owned, managed and run by business owners who understand that a blog is a powerful business marketing tool, not just a showcase for the latest technology.

We focus on using WordPress blogs as a means to improve your business bottom line and to help you increase sales of your products and services.

While we do have the technical competency required to perform the services, identify problems and communicate with programmers and developers when technical issues need to be resolved quickly, we won’t speak “geek” with you – we will always talk to you in clear, simple, and direct plain English, explaining whenever necessary how the things we are managing on your behalf will affect your business.

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What’s Included In Every Blog Maintenance Service

We perform the following as part of our regular monthly blog maintenance and support service:

Optimize MySQL database data

Back up MySQL database data  weekly

Back up all blog folders and files

Delete blog spam

Update WordPress CMS application to latest version

Update WordPress Plugins to latest versions

Transfer all backup files to secure storage location

Additionally, we …

Restore your blog files and MySQL data from last backup if required

Perform additional services required to keep blog updated and data secure

Install and configure new plugins (if plugin configuration is not simple or straightforward we may charge an additional fee for this service)

Advise client on new plugins and functionalities that can improve blog performance and security as these are released to the WordPress blog user community

Provide email support (covers troubleshooting, general support, enquiries and advice, etc …)

Conduct a review and evaluation of blog performance with client every 90 days

We offer a monthly service with a choice of weekly or monthly database backups, depending on how often you publish content to your blog. Most small businesses require only a monthly backup.

Each month, we optimize then back up your WordPress MySQL database and all of your blog files before we perform software and plugin upgrades. We also clean up blog spam for you.

We then transfer all of the backed up files and data to a secure storage location, so if you ever need to restore your blog or its content, you will have access to all of your content up to the last backup.

For Gold and Platinum Package clients we also offer a “done for you” blog management service that provides you with a completely “hands-free” service. This includes blog content creation, content optimization and post scheduling, article distribution, site promotion, traffic generation and banner advertising management. Hosting is also included.

Our blog management / maintenance / hosting services start from $500 p/mth …

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