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Blog Development

If you need a blog for your business then we can help!

We can install, set up and fully configure a WordPress blog for you in 4-5 working days.

Our Blogs Actively Drive Visitors To Your Business …

Our unique blog configuration includes an automatic notification system that immediately alerts major search engines and social networks as soon as you publish new content and drives new traffic to your blog!

Our blog installation services include the following:

Initial consultation and assessment

WordPress blog installation

Installation and configuration of over 20 essential WordPress plug-ins. These plug-ins will improve your online marketing efforts and automate the functionality of your default WordPress blog installation in key areas like:

On-Page SEO optimization

Instant notification to search engines, RSS feed directories and social media sites as soon as you publish new content to your blog

Enhanced blog security

Detailed visitor statistics

And a whole lot more!

Setting up various service accounts required for the blog to work with all of the above plugins

An SEO optimized default theme

Integration of statistical tracking tools – Google Analytics

Integration of compliance documentation – Privacy Statement, Terms Of  service, Contact Information, etc …

Uploading a custom header graphic and one sidebar image linking to a page of your choice (e.g. a button or banner leading to your contact form or newsletter sign up page). Note: you must supply the finished artwork in the correct dimensions and file format.

Matching the background colour of the site to your existing website background colour.

Adding structural content (i.e. category names, site title and descriptions, metatags, navigation links, etc …).

Creating the following pages (Note: You must supply all page content and images to correct specifications):

About Us

Services / Product Page (with Rotating Image Gallery if required)

Contact Form

Site Map

Getting your new blog indexed in the search engines quickly.

Training on how to add and manage blog content

90 day follow up / review meeting

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We’ll Build You A Powerful, Flexible And Professional Looking Online Business Marketing Tool …

Example wordpress blog template

We will build you a blog using the extremely powerful and flexible WordPress web publishing platform. WordPress allows you to create a unique look for your own site very quickly and easily, simply by choosing a professional blog theme from hundreds of unique professional free designs that are currently available, uploading the theme to your site and then selecting it with a couple of clicks of your mouse. When you choose one of our blog installation packages, we will set up and optimize the theme for you. Please note that custom theme design is not included in our packages. If you would like a custom theme for your blog, we can arrange this for you as an additional blog service.

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How The Blog We Set Up For You Will Help You

Grow Your Business Online Fast …

You will be able to easily manage your content.

Once we finish building your blog, it is ready grow! The WordPress blog publishing system that will power your blog is one of the most powerful and easiest-to-use content management systems on the planet! We’ll show you how to easily add, modify and delete content on your site anytime you need to make a change, and without having to wait around or pay extra for a web developer, web designer, or a web-coding savvy nephew, niece or neighbour to come to your rescue!

We’ll get your site indexed quickly in Google – usually less than 48 hours!

Our special “blog configuration system” allows us to get major search engines like Google indexing your blog very quickly – usually in around 48-72 hours … even on a brand new domain! This will all be done for you, so whenever you publish new content to your blog, it will automatically notify search engines, RSS feed directories and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Easily change themes or reconfigure the layout of your site.

We will install, set up and fully configure a blog for you using a default template that we have optimized for search engines with a layout that your blog visitors will find very easy to navigate.

By starting with our default template and our initial configuration, you can start growing your business online in less than a week, while your competitors are still waiting around for weeks or even months to get their websites designed and built.

Please note that you are not locked into using the default template we provide you with. You can easily change the entire look and feel of your site to one of thousands of professionally-designed free WordPress themes available, or even a customized blog theme designed especially for your site.

You will be able to easily add videos, audio, images and multimedia to your site.

A WordPress blog allows you to easily add different types of media to your site to help you engage better with your site visitors and potential customers!

Your blog visitors will be able to easily interact with you.

We will configure your site so that visitors can easily leave comments and feedback, ask questions, answer polls, subscribe to newsletters, complete forms, contact you … even share your posts with their friends on Facebook! We also configure your blog to protect it from blog spamming!

Your blog is search engine optimized.

Once we complete your blog installation, all you have to do to start dominating your market online and outperform your competitors is to simply write about your business, perform five simple little tasks that take less than a minute to complete, and click the “publish” button. Your content will be delivered to the search engines exactly the way they like it … every single time!

All the major search engines get automatically notified when you publish new content.

Our “special blog configuration system” automatically notifies Google, Yahoo, MSN and dozens of other search directories as soon as you publish a new article, post, or a piece of news about your business and makes them send their spidering robots running to your site, so they can index your new content and include it in their search results.

This automated search engine notification system does not come automatically with the standard WordPress blog installation instructions – this feature alone is worth the price of our installation service and is included with every blog installation package.

We set up your site so your content can be syndicated on hundreds or thousands of other web sites.

Our “special blog configuration system” also gets your site’s RSS feeds distributed to other directories whenever you publish new content. By simply focusing on publishing great content on your blog that other website owners would find useful, your content will begin to get syndicated throughout the world wide web, creating continuous exposure for your business, more backlinks and more visitors to your blog.

Every page on your site can be easily shared with others.

We build social bookmarking and social network ready blogs. Your blog visitors will not only be able to easily email links to your pages to their friends, but they will also be able to instantly share your content with others on all major social bookmarking and social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, MySpace, and more …

We’ll help you turn your site into a profitable business asset.

We provide training to clients on practical and affordable ways to market your business online more efficiently and cost-effectively. Make sure you subscribe to our Blogging Tips Email Training to learn how to drive more leads to your site, grow a database of prospects with lead capture forms, different ways to monetize your site, how to use affiliate marketing, advertising banners, how to track and measure ROI on your blog, etc …

You have powerful reporting and analytical information about your business right at your fingertips.

Our blogs come fully set up with powerful analytic tools that help you monitor, track and analyze important information about how your visitors behave on your site. This helps you make better business decisions and allows you to quickly work out what needs to be improved on your site to get you better results faster.

We set up a site for you that is powerful enough to help your business start dominating your market, yet flexible enough to grow as your business grows.

The WordPress blog publishing platform has thousands of functionality plugins available that enhance the capabilities of your business.

We suggest that you start off with the default installation, which already comes with many excellent functional features, including rotating customer testimonials, visitor polls, contact form, etc … and then add more functionality as your site requires – things like opt-in forms, e-commerce, forums … even your own social networking community and a whole lot more.

Are You Saying That I Can Have A Blog Set Up For Me That Does All Of The Above … In Only 4-5 Days?


We will fully install, set up and configure a professional WordPress Blog for you in around 4-5 working days, provided you supply us with the information we need to get your blog built and delivered to you quickly and ready to go. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a checklist of everything we need as soon as you place your order.

We suggest you start off with our default template and our initial configuration. This will allow you to start growing your online presence in less than a week from getting started (while your competitors are still waiting around for weeks or even months to get their websites designed and built) and start collecting valuable data about your visitors that you can use later when upgrading the look of your site (with a customized theme, or one of thousands of professional WordPress templates that are freely available online).

Click Here To View Our Blog Installation Service Packages

Why Choose Our Blog Installation Services

We know that most business owners face a real dilemma when it comes to growing an online business presence – they know that having an online presence is vital nowadays for the survival of their business, but most business owners are simply too busy just trying to run their own business to spend additional time learning “web design” and “online marketing” stuff like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), HTML coding for creating and editing web pages, etc …

Most website owners would also like to be able to access their site whenever they want to make changes to their pages, publish fresh new content like news, announcements and product updates or new product releases, add videos, reply to comments, change or delete text, etc … without having to wait around for a technical webmaster or web designer to get back to them, or pay a fee every time a change needs to be made to their site.

Our blog installation services solve this dilemma.

We set up everything for you so all you have to do is promote your business. You do this by adding articles, news, reviews, announcements, etc into a text editor that looks like this …

Wordpress editor


You then press the “update” button …


And your blog automatically alerts the search engines, so your content can get indexed quickly in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc and show up in the search results.

Linking to social media

All of the technical work involved in configuring your blog to notify search engines as soon as new content is published and drive new visitors to your site is automatically done for you behind the scenes.

We have been building blogs and perfecting this process for a long time and we can save you a great deal of time and money by building you a blog that works for you and for your business right from the word “go” .. and we can have it done and delivered to you in just 4-5 working days!


Let’s Get Started!


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